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Red Arowana 红龙

1.    Chilli Red Arowana 辣椒红龙
Chilli Red Arowana-Small.jpg All Chilli Red Arowana are natural color variants that originated from the Kapuas River System in Kalimantan.  Along the Kapuas River, there are pockets of Super Red Arowana populations that look slightly different from other populations and thus, named under different types of Super Red Arowana.
The plain juvenile fish turns into a stunningly beautiful adult who has scales base colors ranging from green, orange or purple with orange or red color rims on the outer edge of each scale.

2.    Violet Fusion Super Red Arowana 紫艳红龙

Violet Fusion Super Red-Small.jpg The Violet Fusion Super Red Arowana is a special category of Super Red Arowana that exhibit a purple base core in their scales and superior overall body shape.  Its tail tends to be larger and possess longer pectoral fins which enable it to swim gracefully with majestic style.

Under the right growing conditions, its desired shape and color would be achieved.  Maturing to becoming one of the most beautiful Red Arowana there is in the market.

3.    Super Grade Red Splendour Cross Back Arowana 特级彤艳过背金龙

Super Grade Red Splendour Crossback Arowana.jpg Red Splendour Cross Back Arowana is a variant produced by cross breeding of Cross Back Golden Arowana and Red Arowana.

Due to its Hybrid origin, it is a rather exotic variant as it will exhibit the color characteristics of both the Red Arowana and Cross Back Golden Arowana.

Super Grade Splendour possesses even better color, scale and splendid body.

4.    Grade 2 Red Arowana (Banjar Red) 二号红龙(又称班加红龙)

(2) Red Arowana-Small.jpg The Grade 2 Red Arowana is a natural color variant found in the Banjarmasin river system in Kalimantan. The young fish has red fins set on a silver body with a greenish hue. It is highly resembles the juveniles of the Red Arowana and therefore always used by unscrupulous traders to forged the higher value Super Red Arowana. However, the adult fish looks totally different. The body turns grayish green in adults and the fins fade to a lighter red or even yellow when fully grown.