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Introduction and History

Wan Hu Fish Farm Trading was created in 1989 by Mr. Yap Kim Choon, one of the founding members of Qian Hu Corporation Limited. The company specializes exclusively in the breeding and international trade of the Asian Arowana. Mr. Yap Kim Choon known as the god father of the Arowana has been studying this mystical aquatic creature for over 20 years.  He believes in always looking forward and never giving up, he has done multiple joint studies with the National University of Singapore and Temasek Life Science Laboratory.

1989年,叶金(Yap Kim Choon)先生创办了万湖鱼场贸易公司,专门从事亚洲龙鱼的养殖与国际贸易。叶先生是仟湖渔业集团创始人之一,被誉为龙鱼教父。20多年来,他一直致力于研究龙鱼这种神秘的水生生物。他高瞻远瞩,永不言弃,与新加坡国立大学和淡马锡生命科学研究院合作完成了多项研究。

We believe in quality and a high standard. Hence, we are always looking for ways to improve the system and breed of our Asian Arowana. Currently, we have over 750 pieces of Asian Arowana in more than 60 ponds. Due to the scarcity of land, our ponds are different from other breeders in the region; they are stand alone ponds, capable of collecting natural rain water directly.


We are known for the highest quality of purebred Asian Arowana and are always looking for new breeds and strains. Over the years our Arowana has won many prizes in competitions. Our quarantine and incubation, area uses the latest technology available to the ornamental fish market, and is almost fully automated, with over 200 tanks. While we do not believe in culling inferior or defective stocks, Mr. Yap Kim Choon is constantly selecting the best to be sold or exported out. We believe that if you are willing to pay a premium price, you will get premium Arowana.


We export internationally and are always looking for distributors or person who is interested in bring this wonderful species to hobbyist around the globe. Do contact us at wanhu@qianhu.com. We guarantee and believe in full customer satisfaction.