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Myths and Legends

Myths and Legend of the Asian Arowana

Asian Arowana (Scleropages Formsus) is regarded by the Asians as a Geomantic and Majestic fish or Dragon Fish. 

They are very much in demand by hobbyist all over the world.  It is often seen as a symbol of luck, wealth and prosperity.  Owners of the fish believe that if the Arowana is treated well, it will protect them against misfortunes and may even provide them with good luck.  Different people have different interpretations of what the Arowana could do for them.

Part of the popularity of the Dragon Fish lies in its close resemblance to the Chinese ancient dragon, considered an auspicious symbol by the Chinese, regarded as one of the best Feng Shui Fish.  It is believed that it introduces the beneficial life-giving ‘YANG’ energy to water. 

Feng Shui, is the art of geomancy which seeks to harmonize living with one’s natural and overall environment.  That is the Feng Shui concept. Feng Shui talks about having water in the right place to bring wealth.

The fact Asian Arowana is the Dragon Fish means that the Asian Arowana can protect the business.  Many businessmen do not get just one fish, they want to get nine Asian Arowanas.

Buying nine Asian Arowanas mean that the business will go on forever. Nine means long (in Chinese “Jiu”). Another reason for having nine Asian Arowanas are the Chinese legends mention of nine dragons. According to the legends of the Dragon King, it had nine sons. Each son has a distinct personality and talents.

Beliefs of the Asian Arowana

There are many stories of how Asian Arowana protects the owner.

Story A

There was a businessman met with an accident. He escaped serious injuries even though his car was a wreck. He managed to suffer just a few cuts and bruises.  When he got home, he discovered the Asian Arowana broke through the top glass cover and died.  The Chinese believe that the Asian Arowana will sacrifice its life to take care of the owner.

Story B

Many proud owners of Asian Arowana will swear that their beloved fish understand their thoughts.  There was a man whom kept an Asian Arowana for about eight years. Once he promised the dragon fish that he would buy a bigger tank if the fish let him strike lottery.  He did win the lottery. The prize was more than double the cost of the new and bigger fish tank.  He swears that his fish understands him more than his wife.